I feel the need to finish my Football/Business post from last week especially considering the outcome of the game. Not only did the good guys win they did it in resounding fashion. I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat, quite literally to the action.

Last week my team (the good guys) lost for the first time in 24 games! (just think about that?!) The star running back emotionally called out the play calling of the coaching staff and multiple players announced they were leaving early for the draft. This team wasn’t used to losing and it appeared to everyone they were coming apart at the seams the week before their biggest game of every year. Not cool!

I was fascinated to see how the best coach in college football, Urban Meyer, would respond.

First he took ownership, calling the loss on him. Next he deflected the media barrage of criticism heaped at his star running back for violating taboo and “calling out the coaches” He said it was an inappropriately timed comment made by an emotional young man and that he and the team were moving on after the player apologized to not just him but his teammates. He also said he agreed with the comments that were made and would take a more active role in play calling the next week.

Situation defused game on!

And what a game it was! After the game and right before walking into the tunnel Coach Meyer ran to the stands and I was fortunate enough to be the first fan to shake his hand after the big win. I looked him in the eye and said “great way to respond to a gut punch” He stopped, looked up and said “thanks it feels good!”

I don’t care if you’re coaching a football team or leading a team of pond builders or even computer programmers, how any team responds to adversity is what ultimately determines how successful a “team” it becomes.

I’ve been on enough high performing and underperforming teams to know that well. Today our Team is heading down to Colombia South America to tackle a multimillion dollar amazingly challenging build. It will only be pulled off if Ed can pull the group of All Star contractors together to overcome the adversity that’s already (they are starting 3 weeks behind schedule through no fault of their own) being thrown their way. I have little doubt Ed and these talented CAC’s will find a way to get er’ done!

Nobody wants adversity in their lives yet anyone who does anything is only going to accomplish it if they can properly handle the adversity that inevitably comes their way.

You learn what your made of, or not, not when times or going well, but rather when there not!

That and that alone is why “A life without problems, is the definition of hell” is one of my favorite quotes.

In that regard I say…bring it on Alabama!


Definition of hell