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Month: January 2016

What’s Your Cabo?!

Today Ed, Brian and myself accompanied by our better half’s depart for Cabo. I’m looking forward to the further life memories we are about to make together. It’s been three years now since we lost our National Sales Manager Perry Molema. My fondest memories of the almost 15 years we worked together were made in Cabo.


I’ve been leading excursions to Cabo since 2005. When the economy imploded in 2008 I circled the wagons and took off 2009 and 2010. I, like many other business owners, worried about the future and rightly so. However, the future is what you make it and at some point you gotta get busy living, or get busy dying. In my book it’s not really a choice…Carpe Diem!


Perry Molema’s unexpected passing only fueled my fire to live each day like it’s my last. As I stated while honoring his memory on a beach in Cabo nonetheless, none of us can choose when we leave, but all of us can choose how we live each day we are blessed to be here.


Can you say Cabomonium?!

One of Perry’s favorite places on this earth was Cabo. Through Aquascape he got to experience it multiple times. Some of you will be introduced to the magic of Cabo for the first time this year. I was going post this on the Cabomonium group page until I thought of one thing. Some of you will experience Cabo for the first time…next year!

With that for perspective here’s the one thing all of us need to define for ourselves.


What’s your Cabo, and what are you going to do to make it happen in your life?!


Living life any other way isn’t really living life. After all tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.


Today I will see Ed for the first time since before Thanksgiving. If you haven’t noticed he’s been pretty busy on a little project in South America. I’m entering my 23rd year working with Ed. I want no regrets in my relationship with him or anyone else for that matter.


The last day I spent with Perry we played a round of golf. He loved golf, me not so much. As it turns out I couldn’t have scripted a better last day together.


Here’s to all of us defining our Cabo and than going out and making it happen in 2016!



Where is your Heart?

Where’s Your Heart?

This is a business group so I get all the talk about money here. But when I saw this post, from the number one installer of Aquascape products nonetheless, it inspired me to get something off my chest that’s been weighing pretty heavily on my heart for awhile now.

Steve Martin┬áis leaving his company for three months to do something he values more than money. He’s making an incredible sacrifice by investing 1/4 of his year not working IN his business, not even working ON his business. Instead this small family businessman will be AWAY from his business for 25% of the year!


He’s got his whole family in tow too hauling them to literally the other side of the planet. They aren’t in Kansas anymore either Toto. Bangladesh is as far from rural PA as one could get! I had no idea Steve was even going till I saw his post asking for prayers for his family. Modest to the core is he.

Here’s the point of my point. Steve makes enough Benjamin’s obviously to allow him to live the life he values. All of us should be as blessed, most of us aren’t there yet. That’s why on a business page posts about making money are perfectly fine.

Until there not.

I don’t ever want the pursuit of Benjamin’s to come in front of the pursuit for perfection for the company I lead. Can you my heart with this one?!

Money can be the root of all evil (and that’s quoting a higher authority on the matter than me) If you’re pursuing money for money sake you will lose way more than you win. If your priorities for pursuing money are for the profit, your services will be out of alignment with what they should be for maximizing your return. Do you believe that?

Be honest, can you say your priorities for doing what you do are higher than doing them for the profit alone?

If the love of money is priority A1 for you than there’s a lot of things I could say to you. But to make my point there is only one thing I will say.

Aquascapes Top Frog Contractor (that means the dude that sells more of our products than anybody else) Steve Martin from Tussey Landscaping is spending the first three months of this new year preparing to serve other people instead of his business.

Any questions on where his heart is?

What about yours?


Having Heart

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