When I read I learn things about stuff but when I write I learn things about myself.

Writing slows my brain down and forces me to think. For a man who speaks the first thing that comes to his mind that’s important. As funny as that might sound, it really isn’t. My whole life my mouth has gotten me into trouble. Things sometimes come out in a way I didn’t mean them to in my ready-fire-aim brain. That never happens when I write.

Writing is like exercise for my brain. I ALWAYS feel better when I lift weights or write my thoughts down. It doesn’t matter what the topic is and certainly not if anyone else reads it (though I like composing things that people can hopefully relate with) Articulating my thoughts or feelings on a subject through writing forces me to examine my own thoughts and feelings cementing my perspective on whatever it is I’m writing about.

My brain is EXPLODING with thoughts regarding this year’s Cabomonium. If I don’t push myself to do something I know is good for me (weird huh?!) and pack my gym bag I won’t lift weights tomorrow…or do what I should and compose my thoughts regarding Cabo.


Something tells me I’m not alone in feeling better and learning more when I have the discipline to write out my thoughts.

Is that true for you too???

It’s still January so how about joining me with a New Year’s resolution to express yourself more by writing more in 2016?!

If you’re bold enough to post what you write on social media I don’t think it would hurt you either. Just do your best to project positive versus negative thoughts when you do (since when has projecting negative thoughts helped you anyway?!)

Just write from the heart and you will find it softening and your resolve strengthening in the process. If you want your biceps to look good though, you will still have to do “Reber’s!” Hah!



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