Five years ago today I faced my biggest adversity ever as a business owner when Aqualand’s roof collapsed under a near record snow fall. It was also at this time that any doubt that might have ever existed on the power of a team was forever banished from my mind!

Facing the seemingly insurmountable challenge of relocating our entire operations at the very start of our seasonal business was beyond overwhelming to me.

That’s when the cream and my team rose to the top.

We pulled together and not only pulled one another up we pulled ourselves out of one large crippled location into three smaller ones, each in a different city.

It was, as the insurance adjuster commented at the time, the most incredible operational feat they had ever witnessed a company pull off! The secret on how we did it than, and how any high performing organization accomplishes anything now, is the same.

Success is a team endeavor. Always and forever.

Eleven long months, and 13,000,000 dollars later, we moved back into our rebuilt home. A 747 could land up there without a problem they claim (I’m good never testing it though!)

All of us at one time or another will have our own version of a roof collapse that’s a certainty of life for sure.

My prayer for everyone is they have a team around them like I did to get them through it.

Carpe Diem


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