I just came home from two exciting days in beautiful York PA at Splash Supplies Pondeminium. What a rare treat indeed it was for me to just attend an event rather than host it. If you were there please join me in thanking Mark and Becky Willoughby for once again hosting this unique, rag tag Tribe of passionate pond peeps!

One thing was abundantly clear to me throughout this event. The status quo is not an option for anyone that wants to continue to hang with this Tribe! With or without you, the bar is being raised. To keep up, you gotta keep jumping higher, or by definition you’ll be left behind.

But the biggest change that I see occurring right before my eyes isn’t limited to just the individuals of this Tribe. Our Tribe is experiencing yet another complete metamorphosis.

My baby is growing up!

I’m excited to say we are truly moving into a stage 5 Tribe!

By Pondemonium next August the effects of our evolution as a Tribe will be fully evident to everyone who is engaged. It isn’t as much what you will see, but rather something much, much more powerful.

You will feel it!

I feel it now and it’s a feeling I know that’s about to explode!

If you want to see for yourself what I’m eluding to with what it looks and feels like when a Tribe fully develops, watch this oldie but goodie. Maybe a short video will be easier for you than reading the short book, Tribes, I’ve professed the merits of repeatedly? Hah!


Everything is indeed Changing!

Strap on your seat belts. It’s going be a wild ride my friends!