I want to make one thing perfectly clear…I don’t make one dollar more if you sell an iongen for 1200 bucks or 400!

I also don’t make any money if you join the Contractors Sales Academy (CSA)

And if you believe that Steven Shinholser cares if you sell an iongen or whatever else for more or less money you would only be half correct.

Steve Shinholser, the “money grubbing contractor” who started the CSA cares way less about money, and way more about success, and in particular your success, than about money!

That’s right, you read that correctly.

In that regard, he and I are two peas in a pod.

“Our first goal as business is to help our customers succeed at building, selling and retailing water features”

Steve plays perfectly into that equation by encouraging people to charge what their worth and hence have more success doing what they do!

Does it make sense to you than why I would promote what Steve is saying?!

What Steve isn’t saying is gouge the customer. That’s what head trash says!

Do you have head trash that’s keeping you from succeeding? If so you should join the CSA and banish that stinking thinking from your brain!

I have a higher purpose for Aquascape. Money ain’t it! If it was only about the Benjamin’s I would have cashed out a long time ago.

Simply put the aggravation alone wouldn’t be worth the money Aquascape has made me (you can start the justification of that statement with losing the relationship with my father, a man I love dearly, for 8 years!!!)

Nope it ain’t about the money for me or frankly even Steve. For us both it’s about the same thing…helping others succeed!

Steve started CSA out of his PURE and UTTER FRUSTRATION seeing people in this group spinning their wheels and not getting ahead! That’s right, the “money grubbing contractor” didn’t start CSA as a money making venture! In fact, he only started charging for the advice he so FREELY GAVE AWAY after getting even more frustrated seeing people staying stuck in their own “head trash” filled ways and not doing anything with the gold he was giving them!!!

Steve’s first “charged” event was in Cabo last year. 500 bucks a head and he promptly donated it all to the Aquascape Foundation!

Does that sound like the move of a “money grubbing contractor” to you?!

In total, Steve raised a whopping 43k for the Aquascape Foundation and its mission to provide clean drinking water to people who would quite literally die without it.


The CSA is simply the evolution of Steve’s heart. Steve’s heart for people to succeed that is.

In that regard the Contractor Sales Academy and Aquascape’s mission are the same. Which is why on this “affiliate Sunday” I’m once again endorsing what Steve and my 30 year friend Tom Reber are doing with the CSA.

The CSA isn’t for everyone. Not everyone needs or wants what the CSA or for that matter what Aquascape offers. But make no mistake whether or not you decide to join the CSA or follow the principles Aquascape has created to help you build, sell and retail water features, both organizations have a greater purpose for which they stand.

It’s not about what you sell things for.

It is about you finding the success you’ve worked so hard for and deserve!

Carpe CSA…Carpe Success!