Last night we went to the movies as a family to see the new movie RACE. It was inspired by the true story of how Jesse Owens overcame domestic racism, poverty and even politics to represent his country in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

It was awesome!

The reoccurring theme throughout the movie was the struggle his coach, Ohio State legend Larry Snyder, had in keeping his prized pupil focused on the task at hand.

“Keep your eye on the prize; don’t give in to outside distractions. TUNE OUT THE NOISE!” Snyder proclaimed again and again in the movie.

The rest is history. Jesse Owens ran to four gold medals effectively running all over Hitler’s bogus Arian supremacy ideology in the process.


I couldn’t help but think while watching the movie, about the recent distractions on our Certified Aquascape Contractor page.

Not too long ago distractions like the ones we were facing, would have easily derailed this group and kept us from doing the only thing we should all be focused on, running our race to success with our businesses.

Not anymore!

After much spirited conversation, the group basically got back to the goal at hand and is moving forward. We didn’t give in to the bogus outside distractions and we are now back on course.


Our competitors don’t want us to be focused on the prize. They win if they can distract us. There are even people even on this page that want to distract us from running our race.

So goes life

But they lose and we win when we don’t give in to their distractions!

Undoubtedly, there will be even more bogus distractions and hurdles that as a Tribe we will have to overcome to keep moving forward. Success is a journey not a destination after all.

After facing down this latest adversity and coming out ahead, I couldn’t be more confident in our ability as a Tribe to stay together as we stay the course!


Go for the Gold!