The largest event by far in the Waterfeature industry (outside Pondemonium) is Unit Liners Water Garden Expo in Oklahoma.

Unit Liner is a Distributor of ours and I’ve presented there for the last 5 years. This year however I was joined by Steven Shinholser who presented on what he’s doing with the CSA and Jaak HarjuBj Linger,Chris SiewingJohn G Adams and for the first time Joey Genovese who reenacted their Artist of the Year presentation from Pondemonium. Additionally many other CAC’s made the trek last week to Oklahoma as well.

It felt like old homecoming week for me!

The number one thing I was excited about was not just the support from the Tribe but also having many of our top customers exposed to basically every manufacturer in this industry under one roof.

Many of you got started in this industry with Aquascape and quite frankly have not been exposed much at all to what the rest of the industry has to offer.

You don’t know what you don’t know sometimes and for those of you who care to know what everyone is up to product and philosophy wise, the Water Garden Expo is your chance to evaluate for yourself what that is and if it’s of interest to you.

I love and appreciate all the support we get from this Tribe and I want you to know earning your business is not something we are ever going to stop working to do.


At this show we debuted our new signature 1000 skimmers with their ease of installation design, ability to close and lock the weir door, giant all new debris baskets and redesigned rock lids. They were quite the hit.

Our new skimmers might have been front and center at our booth but the real show stopper wasn’t a product but rather a marketing tool that will come standard in all our kits.

The new Aquascape Pond and Pondless Welcome kits with fish food, a hard drive loaded with consumer instructions and videos and even a “I Love My Aquascape Waterfeature” coffee mug is just the first of many signs that Aquascape is taking things to a whole new level.

Every pond and pondless kit will also come standard with an Automatic Dosing System as well.

If it can improve the consumer experience with their water feature, and add to the professionalism of those who choose to install our system, than we want to provide it as a standard item in our kits.

Continuing to add value is how we plan to continue to improve our business and hopefully in the process continue to earn yours!

That’s also why we are adding these extras without increasing our prices to you.

Aquascape will always have competition for your business. Beating them has never and will never be our motivation.

When you’re in the lead you don’t look back, you look ahead.

We are focused on looking ahead to help you get ahead

Trust me when I say, you haven’t seen nothing yet folks!

Carpe 2016


Continuous Improvement