This is hard for me to say as a Buckeye fan…I love Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh!

There I said it.

He was a winner as a player, a winner as a coach, and he’s shaking up how things get done with his unconventional approach to keep his winning streak alive. Whatever it takes to succeed, is certainly the motto he has always lived by. If you’re standing in between him and his objective consider yourself warned!


Maybe that’s why he’s worn out his welcome at most places he’s been.

I have news for all his critics and in particular his former bosses in San Francisco who ran him out of town after multiple playoff births and even a Super Bowl appearance after handing him a team that hadn’t posted a winning record in ten years!

Don’t enjoy the fruits of his labor and then criticize his methods. That’s not the way life works. Beggars can’t be choosers. And if you wanted mediocrity than don’t have the lack of foresight to hire a damn winner!!!

Hope you start enjoying the “Jim Harbaugh” show as much I have. I for one am finding myself motivated by seeing him perform.

Go Bucks (he’s gunning for us!)


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