Tribe, please give a very warm welcome to our new CAC Coordinator, Irene Johnson. A former Environmental Engineer who just retired after 36 years working for a national electrical utility company (she started in grade school).


Aquascape is now officially Irene’s second job!


Irene is replacing the very respected Mrs. Linda Rodriguez (whose service to Aquascape and our customers will always be deeply appreciated) We hired Irene with one primary goal in mind…to take the Certified Aquascape Contractor network to the next level!


Irene is, for all intents and purposes, a true Aquascape groupie! She discovered Aquascape after reading the infamous Chicago Tribune article that transformed my part-time job of building ponds into my full-time career. In 1995, I designed and installed her pond, working alongside Ed and Brian.


Irene’s pond is pure vintage!


Every pond tour, every sale we had… at EVERY event, Irene would come out to support us! In fact, she’s been telling me for years that someday she would come and work for me.


That day has finally arrived!


To say I’m excited to have a professional of Irene’s caliber in charge of our signature customer group would be an understatement!


Folks, you haven’t seen nothing yet! Big plans, baby!!! B-I-G plans!!!


Irene has a heart for ponds and a mind that’s used to dealing with nuclear engineers! (Take it easy on her, fellas… She doesn’t dig goats!!!)


So, from the bottom of my heart I say, “Welcome to the TEAM, Irene!!!”


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