39 years ago Sylvester Stallone conceived, wrote and starred in the original Rocky, winning the Academy Award for Best Movie along the way and launching his massive career. When it debuted I was a school kid living outside Philly and it instantly became my favorite film. It still is.

Last night the 7th installment in “the greatest movie series of all time” (Sorry Star Wars) premiered. You better believe I was there, family in tow, cheering him on in CREED. It was a knockout!

As maligned as Stallone is in the press for not letting his baby die (none of which probably saw number 6, Rocky Balboa, which was outstanding) here’s how I feel.




For me it never gets old rooting for the underdog. Cheering for the person who is all heart and puts in the work regardless of what adversity life manages to throw at them. What a great metaphor for life and one I’ve enjoyed watching again and again with the boys I’m trying my best to raise into men.

In the final fight scene, in the final round, the original score started playing.


I wanted to leap out of my chair and start swinging punches!!!

Thankfully for my kids’┬ásake I didn’t. Hah! For my sake though I will go back to work Monday, excited as always to “get punched and still keep moving forward!”

Rocky wisdom, as simple as it is, registers with me!

Always and forever

Carpe Diem