Yesterday I posted a video of our step-by-step pond display at the consumer Aquatic Experience Show. It’s created some great buzz and conversation with not just the show attendees, but other exhibitors as well. It’s hard to comprehend but people really can’t visualize what we, who do it every day, take for granted.

Ed and I also had a meeting yesterday with Paver Pete, the voice and personality behind Techo Bloc, the rapidly expanding paver product manufacturer based out of Montreal. 15,000 Hardscape contractors will attend their 55 Techo Showcases they have been putting on every winter for the last ten years. Pretty impressive.

We have participated in the showcases before and are considering doing some of them again. However there is a couple mitigating factors that weigh heavy against us doing so. One would be the cost. It’s 4,000 bucks a pop to set up a ten foot tabletop booth for a half day seminar. On top of that you need to staff it, which for us means hotel and airfare and the salary of the salesperson for the day. That could easily add 50% soft costs to the investment. But the biggest challenge by far is not the financial investment but rather finding a way to get our message of the business opportunity with water features not just conveyed but understood and than acted on by those who attend.

We would do these shows for one reason and one reason only…to gain new customers!!!

Our problem is not the message, the opportunity with water features is immense and appealing as you all know. It’s getting people to actually hear what we are saying, comprehend it, believe it, and then figure out how to get out of their own way long enough to start doing it!

Simple Huh?!

Part of me wishes people would walk by our sequential display at the Aquatic Experience Show and barely notice it. At least that would show me they don’t care. But they walk the circumference of our display and stop at the finish product taking pictures. And despite a cornucopia of cool fish and displays filling the hall all the kids end up mesmerized by the waterfalls, fish and turtles we are displaying (warm my heart!)

“Everyone wants a pond, they just don’t know it yet!”

Aquatic Experience

I’m having a blast working with my team figuring out the maddening Rubik’s cube of consumer and contractor behavior. We are a thousand times wiser and more knowledgeable and not to mention sophisticated (TV shows) in our marketing efforts than when I slapped a stamp on a catalog I threw together and mailed it millions and millions of times a year. We grew like string algae in a full sun overstocked pond doing that! Ah the “good old days” when I got to go to work and not have a relationship with my Dad but I digress

Should we go back to mailing catalogs in our digital 2016 world? Please!

I love what I do even though I can’t figure out the mystery of how to get ALL of the people who should be doing it to do so!

Those of you on here don’t help me either.
Your passion, success and happiness is only further salt in my wounds.

One thing is for sure with all of this. Nobody else has figured out better than Aquascape the silver bullet and elusive holy grail of attracting new contractors to our market and new consumers to this hobby.

It certainly isn’t going happen either by installing or showcasing under gravel filtration systems. That much I know for sure. Hah!

Carpe Diem