On February 22nd 2016 it all begins…

Lurvey’s, a four location, 50 million dollar Chicagoland landscape supplier and an Authorized Aquascape Pro Distributor, will officially launch our Learn Build Earn campaign to all their 6,000 wholesale customers.

This is no small investment for them or for us.

Two things are certain to come from this. First, you all, through this page, will have front row seats throughout 2016 to see exactly what it looks like when a fully committed supplier meets a totally passionate manufacturer.

Second, we are all about to learn, for once and for all, if “Ponds Done Right, Customers Served Right” grows the pie for everyone! We already know of course Lurvey and Aquascape are going sell more products with this renewed focus in our relationship. The multi-million dollar question, and one I think you should all be very interested in, is how will heavily promoting the business opportunity with water features to 6,000 local landscape contractors impact our current local CAC’s?

On Tuesday I presented this very scenario, for the first time, to all our local CAC’s.

Can you guess how they responded? How would you respond if your local Distributor decided to take an aggressive approach with their existing customers promoting the business opportunity with water features?

Would you welcome it and the increased COOPETITION as an opportunity to grow your business?

…or would you fear the increased COMPETITION would decrease opportunities for you to sell water features?

As you can only imagine there were two very different rules of thought in the room from the local CAC’s regarding what could occur for them, with what will be occurring at Lurvey’s.

Welcome to my life!

One thing is for certain though; By Pondemonium we will all know either way who’s right…the pond is half empty CAC’s or the pond is half full ones.

It begins in earnest February 22nd when I conduct my first seminar, ever, at Lurveys for their contractors. Wish them luck because I’m bringing the fastball! (The fastball in this case is the opportunity for them with small water features, primarily Fountainscapes, to add a water element as a standard part of their design services)

Our efforts will only expand from there including the installation of multiple water feature displays at the cutting edge Lurvey Connect Center. The brand new state of the art Lurvey Connect Center opening this spring, is their version of a modern day Garden Center. Not only can consumers choose do it yourselfer projects there just like a traditional Garden Center, but it will also serve as a way for contractors to connect with consumers for Do-It-For-Me installations.

If that sounds exciting and this concept is as intriguing to you as it is to us, not only will you get to follow the updates on this page but also in person at Pondemonium.

We will be offering an afternoon Lurvey Field Trip Saturday August 27th to see this business model in action!

The only question now will be if our local CAC’s will be giving the tour or boycotting it! Hah!

You know for me I will be there as my pond is always half full. Whether or not I’m all wet though is yet to be determined!

Carpe Diem

Lurvey's Learn  Earn Build